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  1. So, I really, REALLY need money right now.

    I really need money for Otakon this weekend. I have gotten literally 0 commissions and I will get little to no money from my family as we are struggling to come up with the rent this month and are trying to pay for my mother’s physical therapy as she has been in the hospital for over seven months now. I do not beg for money (though if you really, really want to give, go ahead), so I have resorted to selling some of my things that I don’t need as much. If you want to pick up at Otakon, you don’t have to pay shipping and you can pay in cash. If you can’t, I really will need the money through Paypal by Friday and I will ship it out as soon as possible (though I have to charge for shipping). I’m being really fair with my prices because I am pretty desperate, so please consider buying something or at least reblog for signal boost.

    Here’s what I have:

    iPod Touch 4g 32GB: Sold!

    AM WWII Replica Compass: Sold! 

    Lucky Star/Generic Winter Sailor Fuku Uniform: $30 

    Fits sizes US 14-16. Worn once, no stains or holes. Includes top and skirt. 

    I also have an old acoustic guitar for sale. It’s a Trump Model TS27 with light wear. It also has a cheap case. Unfortunately, it would be ungodly expensive to ship this thing, so you’d have to pick it up from my house. I also have no idea what it’s worth. If you’re interested, I can provide pictures. 

    So yeah. I’m pretty desperate for cash right now. Please don’t force me to borrow money from my friends. I have super cheap commissions open right now. Thanks for reading and/or reblogging. 

    Message me here or send an email to milkymaelstrom (at) aol (dot) com if you’re interested. This is also my paypal email.

    Edit: Now with working pics.

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